What We Do

  • Provide a wide range omni-channel platform to connect your email accounts, website chats, Facebook page & messenger, SMS, IVR and many more
  • Expand your customers options to reach your business via desktop or mobile
  • Automatically dispatch your tickets using enhanced text analysis engine and smart balancing algorithm
  • Support rep can see the problematic device via customer’s smart-phone and send back instructive photos or videos
  • Allow your customers to easily fill and sign on-line secured documents with your support rep
  • No need for customers to install any app on their smart-phone
  • Reduces technicians’ field visits & average handling time
  • Increases service reps' motivation & satisfaction
  • Allow multi-platform work from anywhere
  • Full support for all common browsers
  • Support on a variety of smart-phones & mobile OS
  • Real-time reports, alerts and enhanced online dashboard


Glassix is A cloud-based an Omni-channel visual platform for support centers that provides visual enhanced tools allowing you to shorten support call time and prevent unnecessary field technicians visits.
Glassix provides a direct support channel via the customer’s smart-phone or any other desired channel, allowing the customer to share pictures/video of its' problematic product/service. The support technician then provides visual instructions to the customer’s smart-phone for rapid problem resolution.en provides visual instructions on the same picture/video back to the customer’s smartphone for rapid problem resolution.

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Latest News

IVR tickets
Guy Shalom
Our upcoming version will enable a multi-channel confrence call.
Video Support
Guy Shalom
Glassix happily announces a new beta version to be released in January 2018. The new version will include many new exciting features!


Why Choose Glassix?

Wide Browser Support

Our cloud-based solution is designed to save costs to your organization. Our service is designed to display well on most modern devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphone.

Online Dashboard

Glassix helps you to analyze your representatives' performance and provides you with built-in performance scoring and comparison.


Built using the most modern tools, our service can be integrated with multiple-platforms including web & desktop applications.