Feature Tour

Get Visuals From Customer

Invite your customers to take pictures and/or videos via their mobile device.
The visuals will arrive on-line to the representative's desktop to describe, identify and resolve the issue as fast as possible.

Send Visuals To Customer

Send ready-made video/images tutorials to your customer's mobile device.

Omni Channel

Glassix's platform enables you to communicate with your customer while keeping you available for the next phone call in various communication channels such as email, website chats, Facebook page & messenger, SMS, IVR and many more.

Digital Forms Fill Up & Signature

Share ready-made forms for your customer to fill & sign obviating the need for fax/scanner

Surveys & Up-sale

Use the platform to increase your up-sale opportunities & hear your customer's opinions about your service.

Scorecard & Competitions

SoluPix provides a built-in dynamic on-line score cards to enhance competition between employees.

Non-APP Mobile Service

Glassix allows you to provide a vivid solution without installing an application on the end-user mobile device.

Give your end-users a fast response without forcing them to download a dedicated application.

Today's web technology allows us to provide the end-users with a slick and comfortable design without having to compromise on quality and comfortable user-interface.

Wide Browser Support

Your employees' workspace is supported by most common browsers available today and allows them to reach it any-time, anywhere..